Misnaming in Families

This study is temporarily closed! Check back later to see if we’re enrolling new families.

Hey, Kristen… I mean, Emily… um, Leah!

Naming errors occur when you accidentally substitute one person’s name for another. When this happens, you don’t forget who the person is – you just call them by the wrong name. We want to understand how and why these errors occur by looking at errors in individual families.

If you are native English speakers and have three or more people in your family living at home, we invite you to participate in our naming study. For one week, we ask you to record every time a member of your family calls another family member by the wrong name. You can even include times when you call a family member by your dog’s name! Families will receive $10 for participating.

Interested families should fill out a form (using the link below), and we will send you a packet with everything you need to participate. You’ll receive consent forms, a personalized chart to keep track of your family’s naming errors, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for you to return everything after one week.

Questions can be directed to langprodexp@gmail.com, to Prof. Lorimor directly (hml003@bucknell.edu or 570-433-8173), or submitted via the form on our “Contact Us” page.