Our team

Heidi Lorimor directs the Linguistics Lab. She earned her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2007. She teaches several courses in the Linguistics Program, including Phonetics and Phonology, Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics, and Language and the Brain. While her research primarily focuses on how adults produce words and sentences, Prof. Lorimor has recently developed an interest in child language acquisition as she watches her daughters, Sarah and Christina, learn how to speak.

Erin Liffiton is a junior and majoring in linguistics; she also hopes to minor in French and Art. Besides doing research or schoolwork, she’s probably working out (or at least thinking about working out), drawing, drinking coffee, or playing ukulele. Erin is originally from upstate New York (but not the city!) and really enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and biking.


Mils Morales is a senior majoring in Linguistics. They hope to continue their education and go to a masters program in speech pathology. If Mils is not working in the linguistics lab, you can most likely find them volunteering in the Scratching Post cafe, taking care of cats. They also enjoy doing makeup for the theater department or the BSU fashion show; though they usually do glam makeup, they really enjoy SFX makeup. Mils was born and raised in Harlem, New York.



Rachel Zajac is a senior majoring in Markets, Innovation and Design and minoring in linguistics. She is interested in business analytics and is completing a concentration in quantitative analysis for her MIDE major. In addition to doing research, she is a statistics study group leader, is on the executive board of her sorority, and is a member of Students Helping Animals.




Linguistics Lab Alumni:

  • Arielle Allentoff (’14)
  • AJ Collegio (’13)
  • Stephanie Gonthier (’15)
  • Caroline Kunkel (’19)
  • Alex Maclean (’13)
  • Sierra Magnotta (’18)
  • Jamie Risdal (’19)
  • ZoĆ« Sayre (Dec ’16)
  • Jason Schoenberg (’13)
  • Roz Smith (’12)
  • Lindsay Zajac (’14)